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Important Definitions

Green Environmental Solutions Definitions that Matter
  • Clean production" means the continuous application of integrated preventative environmental strategies to processes, products and services to increase overall efficiency and to reduce the impact of such processes, procedures and services on health and the environment;

  • Hazardous waste" means any waste that contains organic or inorganic elements or compounds that may owing to the inherent physical, chemical or toxicological characteristics of that waste, have a detrimental impact on health and the environment;

  • Minimization", when used in relation to waste, means the avoidance of the amount and toxicity of waste that is generated and in the event where waste is generated, the reduction of the amount and toxicity of waste that is disposed of;

  • Recycle" means a process where waste is reclaimed for further use, which process involves the separation of waste from a waste stream for further use and the processing of that separated material as a product or raw material;

  • Re-use" means to utilize articles from the waste stream again for a similar or different purpose without changing the form or properties of the articles;